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Flash Animation Maker
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19 July 2010

Editor's review

Flash objects, movies, etc top the preference list of the developers as these make the websites look visually attractive. Therefore, in order to form impressive flash objects, developers often remain in the quest to find an effective flash creator application. If you too are seeking such a utility, then you may like trying your hands on Professional Flash Maker 4.0. It’s a versatile ‘full value’ application for flash animation creation and supports Flash 8 completely. The utility integrates variety of impressive features such as shape design, guided motion, image/motion/shape Tween creation, and even supports streamed audios. In addition to the flash animation creation, the appellation facilitates its users to directly edit the SWF files and its entire elements. Easily form high quality flash videos, games, various objects, etc, and all these can be stored in EXE, GIF, AVI and SWF formats as required.

The Professional Flash Maker 4.0 sports a decently designed console with necessary options placed on it for easy accessibility. On the interface, the various tools are placed with left pane, mid area is set for displaying the created flash object, and the different shapes, scene, effects, explorer, gallery, etc are placed at the right panel. You can select the desired shapes for creating the flash animation or use the provided templates that can be modified according to your requirements. Now while creating the flash animations, you can alter different features such as the background, colors, size, objects, shapes, effects, properties, actions, frame rate, work with layers, zoom, erase, rotate, and various others. Adding to these, the utility possesses variety of other tools to work with, and also boasts of the capability to load the edit the SWF files along with its entire elements.

With the Professional Flash Maker you can efficiently create striking flash animation files for using with your websites, projects, presentations, etc. Citing the exclusive range of variety of features and the remarkable performance shown by the program, it worthily has been awarded 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Sothink SWF Quicker is a powerful Flash Editor to edit SWF directly or make Flash from scratch with ease. It supports Flash CS5, ActionScript 3.0, shape design, rich format text editing, movie clip and button creation, general or guided motion tween, built-in effects, mask layer, stream sound and event sound, Flash video, importing JPEG/BMP/Animated GIF/PNG and much more. Besides using its own shape drawing tools, you can also import other popular vector formats including AI, SVG and WMF/EMF and use them in this Flash software. As known, it provides the same vector editing capability as Adobe Flash does but costs much less.
Check the main features of the Flash Maker below:
Full Range of Flash Versions
„c Supports importing and editing SWF file of Flash V6, V7, V8, CS3(V9), CS4(V10) and CS5.
„c Supports editing Flash elements such as Text, Shape, Movie Clip, URL, ActionScript, etc.
Advanced Control of Flash by ActionScript
„c An intelligent ActionScript Editor which supports Syntax Highlighting, Auto Completion and Dynamic Prompt is embedded in the animation software.
„c Able to design interactive game with ActionScript 2.0/3.0 Class and Object Oriented programming.
Rich Built-in Templates and Animated Effects
„c Over 60+ built-in animated effects and 7 Flash filters.
„c Abundant Flash templates of Flash Album, Banner, Navigation Button and Slide Show.
Powerful Flash Creation & Vector Drawing Tools
„c Provides Flash Creation function like timeline, shape design, Motion/Shape/Image Tween, and so on.
„c Provides Object Snapping, Pixel Snapping and Snap Alignment to align objects.
„c Full set of vector drawing tools, such as Rectangle, Pen, Brush, Eraser, Paint Bucket, etc.
Diverse Import & Output Formats
„c Supports importing various kinds of media types, such as AI, MP3, MPEG, AVI, MOV, AVI, MPEG, WMV/ASF, MOV/QT, RM/RMVB, DivX/XviD, etc.
Professional Flash Maker
Professional Flash Maker
Version 5.6
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